Laser Hair Reduction

Our Laser Hair Removal technology is safe enough to be used on any area of the body and is suited for diverse skin types while providing optimum results. It was created with delicate skin in mind. 

We advise 8 to 12 laser hair removal sessions spaced 4 weeks apart for your initial course of treatment (depending on area and skin tone). 

Our medical-grade Laser Hair Removal technology, in contrast to other hair removal methods, results in quick, safe, affordable, dependable, and permanent hair reduction. Reduce ingrown hairs Targeting the hair follicle at its base with focused light is how laser hair removal works. Even the most delicate skin may be treated with the laser since it prevents hair from growing while causing no disruption or harm to the skin’s surface.


On the evening before your visit, shave the treatment area.

No Waxing

In the four weeks before your visit, refrain from waxing since pigment in the hair follicle is necessary for the laser to detect the hair and for the treatment to be effective.

Steer clear of the sun

For at least 2-4 weeks before your treatment, keep the region out of the sun and constantly use sunscreen to protect the skin.

In places that have had treatment, there may be a slight amount of heat and redness. Use post laser aftercare to relieve any irritation and redness. For three to five days, or until the skin has healed completely, this can be used generously.

Issues to avoid

Avoid exfoliating, high sweating, swimming or saunas, extremely hot showers, and tight, constrictive clothes for 24 hours after your treatment.

Always apply sunscreen to preserve the skin and maintain effects after treatment and stay away from direct sunlight for at least 2-4 weeks.

Lip – $20

Chin – $20

Lip & Chin – $35

Cheeks – $39

Underarm – $49

Bikini –  $49

Brazilian – $69

Half Leg -$85

Full Leg – $199

Brazilian + Underarm –  $79

Half leg, Underarm + Brazilian – $149

Full back – TBA

Half back – TBA

Full chest + stomach – TBA

Half chest – TBA

Promising Results

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