Radio Frequency Vaginal Tightening

Eva integrates the CELLUDERM technology, an evolution of the Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency developed at laboratories, for vulvovaginal treatments.

What makes this technology really revolutionary is certainly its dynamic component: the emitters turn into receivers, change their charge within specific time spots, each time modifying the magnetic field, focusing it and obtaining:

  • waves that can penetrate even the deepest tissues without overheating those that are not involved in the treatment
  • amplified common RF action in total safety
  • no energy dispersion


The exclusive CELLUDERM (Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency) technology makes it possible to focus the thermal effect on the epithelial and sub-epithelial layers of the vagina as selectively as possible. Indeed, this technology is able to ensure total configuration flexibility, starting from protocols able to adapt the treatment to the patient’s needs, precisely choosing the penetration depth and specific tissue target.

Using this technology results in visibly improved hydration, reactivated microcirculation, stimulated collagen and elastin neogenesis: all these actions are essential to relieve annoying GSM (Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause) related symptoms and vaginal laxity, and in the vulvar rejuvenation process.

Vaginal tightening is the term used to address concerns women have with their vagina.
There are a number of reasons that can cause the vagina to “feel empty” and the muscle to become lax.

  • the vagina not recovering from multiple pregnancies
  • carrying large babies during pregnancy
  • age.

All our cosmetic surgery consultations including vaginoplasty consultations are free.

As with any cosmetic procedure, a consultation with the Doctor trained practitioner to explain the process.

After meeting with one of our experienced surgeons, you will understand which option is best suited to your concerns.
At the same time, you are able to ask as many questions as you like.

We respect your privacy, but most of all, we understand that this may be the first time you have discussed your concerns.

Comprehensive information about the vaginal tightening, risks, and recovery process will be provided to you during this consultation.

Other areas for consideration; or perineal repairs, vaginal tears that happened during childbirth and were not addressed correctly at the delivery.

Celluderm Enhancement Vaginal Anatomy offers a safe, effective and comfortable non-ablative solution for the treatment of the most common gynaecological conditions. Celluderm employs innovative Dynamic Quadripolar Radio frequency (DQRFTM) energy designed to trigger vulvar tissue remodelling. Celluderm utilises FOUR electrodes designed to focus energy emission precisely on three different tissue layers using heat to stimulate sub-dermal collagen production and tissue remodelling, whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Through the Celluderm technology, stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and thus naturally rejuvenating and restoring the normal physiology of the tissue

  • Three exclusive technologies
  • Painless, non-invasive, non-ablative technology
  • Short sessions, easy to program
  • No Downtime, no anesthesia
  • Ergonomic Sterilizable Handpiece
  • Real time temperature detectors and Movement sensors


CELLUDERM RAFIO FREQUENCY STIMULATES cell regeneration, thus reducing vulvovaginal atrophy symptoms (dryness, itching, burning and intercourse pain).


CELLUDERM IMPROVES elasticity and compactness of the vaginal canal, stimulating collagen and elastin production.


CELLUDERM RESTORES the pelvic floor muscle function and strength, thus reducing annoying urinary leakage.


CELLUDERM COUNTERACTS the atrophy of vulvar tissues improving their aesthetic appearance and function


  • $250 PER SESION.
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